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How We Have Achieved Exporting Success

by | Apr 16, 2021 | Uncategorized

Graceland Fruit is a leading producer and global distributor of premium quality dried fruit ingredients for the food industry. We make authentic ingredients that add distinctive taste, texture, visual, and nutrition appeal to a wide variety of delicious foods. Some of the largest and most prestigious food companies in the world include our exceptional infused dried fruit, juice concentrate, and Soft-N-Frozen™ fruit ingredients in their products and menu items.

Graceland Fruit is one of the world’s largest infused dried fruit producers and serves innovative food manufacturers and providers across the United States and in over 60 countries around the globe. Our top export markets include China, Colombia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, India, Israel, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. These markets were identified and developed through government-funded programs, attending industry events, establishing relationships with targeted importers and distributors, and continuous market research.

We launched our export business with initial shipments to Japan in 1998. For over 20 years, we have continued to expand our export sales and add new markets. We have done this by diversifying our product line, being an industry leader in quality and customer service, and building relationships with our importers and distributors. We pride ourselves on having relationships with our customers and not just being “another supplier.” This and our exceptional product quality are what has set us apart from our competition. Today, over 40% of our sales are export sales.

We utilize and are thankful for programs like Food Export, The Branded Program, and the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, which are a large reason our export sales continue to grow. These programs have allowed us to be cost-efficient while attending tradeshows, buyer’s missions, virtual trade events and offer guidance to the exporting world. If you are a new company that is looking to start exporting or increase export sales, we highly recommend these programs. They offer a TON of great resources and export insights to gain traction in the export marketplace.

In 2020, we took the initiative to bring cranberry harvest to our customers in our export markets. In a pandemic-free world, our customers would have been able to visit our cranberry growers and see harvest firsthand. Since that was not the case last year we created a video showcasing cranberry harvest from our grower’s marsh to our dried cranberries shipping out of our facility and all the happenings in between. Projects like this continue to allow us to build on the relationship with our customers, importers, and distributors. Grab a cup of joe or your favorite beverage and see how our cranberries are made – watch cranberry harvest HERE!


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