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Giving and Sponsorships

We support our neighbors by volunteering, donating product, and offering financial support to qualifying organizations and activities. We prioritize organizations and activities related to health and wellness, education, and community development in the areas where our employees and growers live and work.

Seeking support for a qualified organization or activity?

Please review these guidelines before submitting a request

Graceland Fruit Contribution Pillars: Health & Wellness • Education • Community Development

Type of Organization Requesting a Contribution

  • Applications for the following types of organizations may be considered:
    • Public education institutions
    • Tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service
    • Unit of government
    • Clubs and community groups
    • Events, including races, festivals, and food events
    • On-going community projects
    • Under special circumstances, individuals seeking fundraising support
    • Other (as may be specified in the application)
  • Applications are not generally considered for:
    • Religious organizations (including organizations or events that promote religion)
    • Political organizations and lobbying groups
    • Athletic groups or activities, including charity-benefit sporting events and youth sport teams
    • Social organizations such as fraternities and sororities
    • Endowments or memorials
    • Individuals or individual needs
    • Organizations that discriminate based on race, religion or sexual orientation

 Use of Graceland Fruit Contributions

  • Donations may only be used for charitable purposes, such as:
    • Direct cash donation to a 501(c)(3) organization
    • Matching gifts to enhance contributions to a 501(c)(3) organization
    • Donating surplus or retired supplies or equipment to a 501(c)(3) organization
    • Providing complimentary product
  • Sponsorships may be used to support qualifying events, activities, or projects
    • Direct cash contribution
    • Complimentary product contribution
  • Inappropriate uses of Graceland Fruit contributions include:
    • General and/or ongoing operating support
    • Debt retirement
    • Capital campaigns/capital expenditures and endowment campaigns
    • Organizations who allocate more than 30% of budget to overhead vs. direct programs


  • Complete and submit the application below
  • Requests are reviewed monthly unless there are extenuating circumstances
  • Graceland Fruit will advise application status and coordinate execution, as appropriate
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Event/Activity/Program Information

Contribution Request

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