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Soft-N-Frozen® Fruit Ingredients

Bursting with rich, natural flavor. Soft even when frozen.

Soft-N-Frozen® fruit ingredients are ready-to-use, easily scooped, and, unlike traditional IQF fruit, immediately soft and edible. Our proprietary process preserves quality, fruit piece integrity, color, taste, and soft-to-the-bite texture; pasteurization ensures microbial safety. These flavorful, all-natural fruits are free of sulfites and artificial colors and flavors.

Our fresh-frozen fruit is tempered and gently blended with a natural stabilized syrup. Classic Soft-N-Frozen® contains 50-80% processed fruit. Premium Soft-N-Frozen® contains 85-89% processed fruit. Available in a variety of fruits, cuts, and piece sizes, Soft-N-Frozen® fruit ingredients remain soft to the bite while adding exceptional flavor, color, and texture to a wide range of dairy and non-dairy fresh, frozen, refrigerated, and baked foods. Uniquely ours. Deliciously delightful!

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