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Add a Boost of Blue

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Blueberries

Add a hue of blue to your innovations! As a familiar favorite with notable health benefits, blueberries elevate many food products while adding a health halo at the same time. Consumers can’t get enough of these mighty berries as blueberry purchasers continue to rank them as their number one favorite fruit (Blueberry Customer Segmentation, Winter 2020, Topline U&A Study Wave 2, Jan/Feb 2020). Food manufacturers are crazy about blueberries too, with 81% agreeing that adding blueberries to food products provides consumers with perceived or added health benefits (Blueberries in Food Manufacturing, August 2019 Report, Rose Research). Adding a bit of blue to food products might not only inspire innovation but sales as well!

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers seek healthier food options and pay closer attention to the ingredients in their food. In other words, superfruits and antioxidants are trending among U.S. consumers. In fact, consumer consumption of blueberries has grown more than 600% between 1994 and 2014. The health benefits of blueberries are the top purchase driver for consumers. Along with their immune-boosting properties and high antioxidant levels, other desirable benefits include: 

  • Virtually no fat and low in sodium 
  • Great source of vitamin C 
  • Certified as heart-healthy through the American Heart Association
  • Good source of dietary fiber

Blueberries are one of the most versatile fruits and are offered in an array of applications to meet any and every product development requirement or category. Additionally, blueberries are a favorite among R&D teams because of their lower labor and lower waste qualities compared with other fruits. 

Are you looking to add a boost of blue to your innovations? We can help with that! We offer sweet cultivated blueberries as well as flavorful wild blueberries. Both are crazy-popular, exceptionally versatile, and nutritional powerhouses. Our premium dried blueberries deliver authentic taste, distinct texture, and a health halo to a variety of applications. With our premium blueberries in your products, simple snacking becomes a crave-worthy and functional choice thanks to the fresh flavor, fun texture, and intense sweetness.

Whether it be beverages, baked goods, confections, or sauces, we’ve got the blueberry product for you! Our cultivated whole blueberries are offered in two sizes and precision diced. We offer organic and conventional whole wild blueberries with a chewy texture and exceptional taste. Ready to add a boost of blue? Talk to our experts today!


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