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Trend of Tart

by | Nov 3, 2021 | Cherries, Industry News

Tart Cherries for Food and Beverage Applications

Are you interested in adding some color to your product line? Hoping to use the natural health benefits of superfruits?  Are you looking to join the tart trend? Our premium quality infused dried cherries deliver vibrant color, an intense tart flavor, and distinct texture to a number of applications.  

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers are more aware than ever of what they eat. Consumers want foods that strengthen immunity, prevent diseases, and support cognitive functions. Consumers are even interested in flavors that have perceived health benefits, such as botanical flavors. Our infused dried tart cherries check all the boxes on consumers’ lists and are guaranteed to deliver delight!

Science-Backed Benefits – Tart cherries are an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin A, and copper, and they also provide ample amounts of fiber and flavonoids. Scientific studies on tart cherries include sleep, exercise recovery, and heart & gut health. Most health research has been conducted on the Montmorency tart cherry than any other cherry.  

Health Halo to Indulgence Options – Tart cherries have a superfruit status which can help product developers leverage the trend of “permissible indulgence.” According to Datassential Custom Research, in 2020, 70% of consumers felt better about purchasing an indulgent food containing tart cherries.

Vibrant Color – It’s hard to miss the intense ruby red color of tart cherries, thanks to the concentration of anthocyanins. Luckily, colorful produce is trending as consumers associate bright colors with high nutritional value and an Instagram-worthy appeal. Specifically, food color experts declared red as the color of the year as consumers perceive red to indicate ripeness, flavor, and variety.  

U.S Grown – Today’s consumers are increasingly aware of food origins, with U.S grown and connection to specific geographic areas preferred. Our Montmorency tart cherries are U.S. grown in Michigan, the Cherry Capital of the world. This is a meaningful attribute for consumers as they care about food origins and supporting local agriculture. Prior to the pandemic, 56% of consumers indicated Made in the USA as a priority, and that number has risen to 70% as U.S. grown products become more important to consumers. 

Elevate the Occasion – Premium fruit adds more value and nutrition that consumers are willing to pay for. More than 55% of consumers indicated that they’re willing to pay more for products with tart cherries, and 70% of health-conscious shoppers indicated they’re willing to pay more for products with tart cherries. 

Are you ready to join the trend of tart? Our distinctive sweet-tart taste of our Michigan-grown Montmorency cherries delivers exceptional color, taste, texture, and nutrition to a variety of applications. Contact our experts today for customized solutions to fit your needs! 

The Cherry Marketing Institute has done an amazing job of together the full Trend of Tart report, you can read it here!


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