What makes Graceland Fruit’s dried fruit different? We start with the best fruit, gently carry it through our facility, and dry it with our patented process. This results in a premium product that tastes and has the same wholesomeness as fresh fruit—after all, we’ve been making “out-of-season” obsolete since 1973.


At Graceland Fruit, we source all of our fruit from farms and orchards here in the heartland of America. We’re on a first name basis with the farmers and visit their fruitful acres as often as we can. Because of these strong partnerships, we’re able to secure only their most premium bounties—which is vital since we only dry Grade A fresh fruit.


Starting the moment it arrives at our Northern Michigan headquarters, our fresh fruit is handled with a gentle manner you’d expect only with a much more fragile product. Instead of being dumped and tossed, we cradle and carry each piece of fruit through our facility via hundreds of feet of conveyor belts. Why are we so gentle with our fruit? Because the less we touch and abuse it, the closer it is to its natural state when it arrives in our consumers’ homes—preserving the unrefined, delicious flavor of every single fruity morsel.


We emerged as an innovator in the cherry industry when we developed an infused dried cherry in the mid-1980s and then used similar technology to produce the first dried cranberry in 1988. Our proprietary drying technique results in dried fruit that maintains its wholesome goodness and color.


Graceland fruit is packaged quickly and efficiently right from the conveyor belt. Our packaging is designed to lock in freshness and to make the taste of fresh fruit available year round. Again, the fewer steps between nature and your kitchen, the more you’ll notice a difference in taste, color, and quality.


We’re so confident you’ll love our dried fruit, that we offer a guarantee on all of our products. Simply contact us with any question or concerns.

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