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Graceland Fruit Responds to COVID-19 – Remains Open

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Health & Wellness

Graceland Fruit Inc.

In early March, concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic started to be realized nationwide. The communities where Graceland Fruit operates (Warrens, WI and Frankfort, MI) have been fortunate to be less impacted, nonetheless, the threat continues to exist. To date, Graceland’s COVID-19 preparedness has been recognized by many of our customers, vendors, and community companies as a benchmark as we strive to keep our operations running safely and efficiently.

Graceland Fruit remains open and fully operational during these trying times. We continue to focus on protecting the health and safety of our employees, customers, and vendors by enforcing our Good Manufacturing Policy regarding disease control and reporting, as well as the CDC guidelines.

  • Required daily screening for all employees and outside visitors (vendors) continues to be implemented.
  • Social distancing measures are in place within all of our facilities to manage and control social/physical distancing for employees alongside one another.
  • We have implemented Preventive Self-Quarantine Protocol establishing rules for safe continued in-person work for all employees.
  • Laptops have been procured and deployed to allow most administrative positions to work remotely.
  • We have cancelled all non-essential business travel and have transitioned to Zoom video conference meetings with our employees and customers.
  • We have implemented “Stay Safe” bonus pay for our employees who are required to operate production process in-person.
  • We continue to closely monitor our supply chain to ensure adequate inventory levels in order to meet our customer’s demand.

Graceland Fruit strives to be a benchmark in the community for safe workplaces as we continue to be in the fortunate position to fully employ our associates with meaningful work.



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