Fun Halloween Snacks

Nov 24, 2019 | Health & Wellness

You’ve seen them! The fun, monster faces, ghosts, eyeballs, and pumpkins made creatively from foods. My children LOVE all things Halloween so we’ve tried countless different spooky foodie configurations. What I love and they love (equally as much as the more elaborate creations) are the easy ones! I also like them to be nourishing. They are, after all, about to go house to house getting hordes of candy. Here are my top 5 easy, breezy spooky snack favorites:

  • Clementine pumpkins – peel a clementine and place a short, thin piece of cereal at the top, center to look like a stem.
  • Apple monster mouths – Cut several apple wedges. Place a thick coat of sunflower butter in between two pieces and stick sunflower seeds into the sunflower butter that is visible to give the look of teeth.
  • Ghost bananas – Peel several bananas. Use about 3 inch pieces that include the rounded top and place dark chocolate chips in each for the eyes and mouth.
  • Spider crackers – Place cream cheese (flavored or plain per preference) in between to round crackers. Use 8 short pretzel pieces for the legs (4 on each side) and stick them into the cream cheese. Put a small amount of cream cheese on dried blueberries and stick them to the top of the cracker for eyes.
  • Witch brooms – Cut several sting cheeses into about 1 ½ inch pieces and peel each half way. Stick a pretzel into each one. Tie a chive around the top of the string cheese.

Place all 5 on a platter together for super cool, and only slightly terrifying, effect.

Have a bootiful Halloween!

Your super fruit sidekick, Tara, MS, RDN

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