We're excited to announce the launch of Graceland Fruit Super Fruit Sidekicks (SFS); a group of taste makers, educators, and food lovers who share our passion for enjoying a happier, healthier life. What makes a Super Fruit Sidekick, you may ask? Here are some qualities that our Sidekicks are known to possess: 

  • They're foodies! They put deep care and thought into their food choices, appreciating the heathfulness, tastiness and aesthetic of a wide variety of foods. They're constantly browing Pinterest and Instagram for new recipes or food applications, and love to stay up to date on the latest food trends.
  • They're "proud Midwesterners" at heart (although you certainly don't have to reside in the Midwest to be a Sidekick). They're kind, hard working, community-minded and love helping others.
  • SFS are life learners. They're raving readers, always looking for answers to their questions. They live with a curiosity that makes every day fun.
  • Speaking of fun, Sidekicks are fun lovers! They're witty and love connecting through humor and other fun content. They're truly "a child at heart."
  • Lastly, SFS are entrepreneurial spirits. They have a growth midset, enjoy the challenge of overcoming obstacles, and are constantly thinking of innovative ideas to put into action!

Do you resonate with any of these values? Let us know you're interested in becoming a SFS! You'll see Sidekick content such as wellness blogs or new recipes on our social channels and blog. For more Sidekick information, check out our current line up of tastemakers. We can't wait to continue spreading the goodness of Super Fruit around the globe with the help of our Sidekicks!