With warm weather on the horizon, spending time outside without all the extra layers is nearly in our grasp! Here are the top activities that the nature lover in me is daydreaming about:

  1. Trail hiking and practicing plant identification – this is great done alone, as a couple, or with the whole family. It offers the serenity that comes with enjoying nature as well as the benefits of physical activity. Plant identification is a fun activity to add to a hike. There are, of course, apps for this but we like to go old school and use a book…Foraging and Feasting by Dana Falconi is perfect, offering beautiful illustrations as well as practical applications for learning about the plants you encounter along the way.
  2. Go on a scavenger hunt – whether you find a preplanned hunt or organize one yourself, this can be a blast! To plan one, pick a theme, write down and hide your clues, and be sure to include a fun prize at the last stop…viola!
  3. Head out for a picnic – my girls love a beach picnic, but my personal favorite is setting up lunch right in my own yard! Spread a blanket, brings lots of handy snacks, and invite some friends!
  4. Shop the local farmers market – browsing through the farmers market and choosing from the gorgeous, fresh fruits and veggies is my happy place. Buying freshly picked produce is prefect as nutrient density will be at its highest!
  5. Start a garden – this doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it may sound. Simply purchase some great soil and large pots. Choose a couple of produce items (tomatoes, zucchini, or herbs work well) and purchase starter plants. Put the soil in the pots along with the plants and water them. Seriously, so easy!  

There you have it. Now to spring-forward and make this (spring) daydream a reality.