Organic food products continue to rise in popularity among home shoppers and food manufacturers alike. And rightly so; organic products take a unique approach to the growing process to ensure that end consumers are getting the purest form of the foods they know and love. What does organic mean to us here at Graceland Fruit? A continued commitment to our belief that everyone deserves access to the taste and wholesomeness of fresh fruit all year long. While sourcing local, sustainably grown fruit has always been a part of Graceland’s business model, the addition of organic processes adds yet another quality component that allows us to offer consumers products that align with their food values. Reasons to ‘go organic’ are abundant; those that make the top of our list are included below:

  1. Organic farming practices are designed to encourage soil and water conservation and reduce pollution.
  2. Buying organic limits exposure to pesticide residues.
  3. The organic label bans or severely restricts the use of food additives, processing aids, and fortifying agents (examples include preservatives and artificial sweeteners).
  4. Organic food (especially produce) is often in-season at time of purchase, making it more nutrition-dense and likewise, tastier!
  5. Buying organic supports healthier communities, starting with our farmers. As stated by the Huffington Post, “a farm is certainly a healthier place for farmers to work when they are not exposed to synthetic fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides as they labor.”

Drumroll please! We’re thrilled to begin offering the dried cherries and cranberries that you know and love in organic form starting summer 2017! Stay on the lookout for these products coming to a shelf near you and make sure to check back here for updates.