With the National Cherry Festival on the horizon it seems fitting to do an ode to the amazing benefits of Montmorency tart cherries!

Nutritional benefits


  • High concentration of anthocyanins, through antioxidant benefits
    • Are cardio-protective and may reduce the risk of heart disease
    • Are anti-inflammatory and may decrease inflammation in the body
    • (For athletes) may help with muscle recovery after a workout

Naturally occurring melatonin:

  • Promotes better sleep by improving the quality and duration of sleep once you hit the pillow

Dietary Fiber:

  • helps us feeling full and in effect we may eat less
  • may help with blood sugar control
  • has cholesterol lowering effects
  • contributes to digestive health

Make them a part of your daily routine to achieve the benefits

Easy snacks for families

  • Nuts, pepitas, dried cherry mix
  • Top a yogurt parfait
  • Add to tuna salad and spread on a whole grain pita
  • Add as part of a cheese board
  • Toss on a bowl of oatmeal or granola

Your Super Fruit Sidekick, Tara