Halloween is super fun for children and adults alike. With that said, all the candy that’s around this time of year is not super great for the body. Of course a little bit is fine but how do you keep your intake to “a little bit” when it is given out for free by the hoards?! Here are a few ways to help accomplish this:

  • Stock up on healthy snacks - Keep lots of healthy snacks around that appeal to your family. This way if you are feeling pulled to eat too much of the candy you’ve gathered you will have other tasty and healthy alternatives to turn to.
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  • Practice mindful eating – Mindful eating is important to practice in general but let’s focus on the candy issue here. When you are going to eat a piece of candy be sure to eat it mindfully. To achieve this choose the type of candy that you like the most, sit down, and give the candy your full attention. Put away your smart phone, turn off the television, and focus only on eating the candy. This way you get to actually enjoy the candy you are eating and will hopefully be less inclined to eat more.
  • Try a candy buy back - The day after Halloween have your children choose a few of their favorite candies to keep and eat as they see fit. They can trade in the rest of their candy to you to “buy” a small toy from their favorite store. My family does this each year and it feels like it offers the best of both worlds. They are happy because they get a little candy AND a cool toy and I’m happy that they aren’t loading up on candies all day.

Your super fruit sidekick,