Navigating the grocery store can be quite the intense task. Below are some fun swap out ideas for you to try so you can easily “grab” the healthy option and “leave” behind the not so lovely option. Enjoy!

Grab this

Leave this




Avocados house monounsaturated fatty acids which are heart healthy and may reduce inflammation. Try spreading it instead of mayo on your sandwich.

Banana ice cream

Ice cream

Just freeze your sliced bananas and then puree…super easy and yummy. By doing this, you’ll lower calories and saturated fat without lessening the tastiness and creaminess.

Dried fruit

Fruit gummies

With dried fruit you will get the cell protective, antioxidant benefits of fruit…. On the other hand, {spoiler alert} fruit gummies are really just candy in disguise.

Kale chips

Potato chips

These crispy delicious green guys are super nutrient rich, contain fiber, but don’t house the calories and non-beneficial fats that potato chips do.

Nutritional yeast

Parmesan cheese

With its cheesy favor it hits the palate nice, yet offers B vitamins that the Parm does not.



Croutons are emty calories and excessive carbohydrates. Nuts, however, offer heart-healthy fats and protein. 

Sparkling water


If you need the fizz in your beverage it’s best to opt for a sparkling water and leave the soda behind. All that sugar wreaks havoc on our precious bodies. In just 1 can of soda there’s more than 9 teaspoons of sugar!



Zoodles or zucchini noodles have significantly less calories and carbohydrates compared to regular noodles.

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