Eating for Energy, Eating to Thrive

Sleep habits are, of course, a large contributing factor in our energy levels but there are also many other factors at play. Our eating habits, as well as the foods we choose, also play a role. Prior to studying nutrition, I never associated what I ate to how I felt but I now know how critical body nourishment is to energy level (and a plethora of other things). I kind feel like I have a secret and, excitedly, want to spread the secret as far and wide as possible (apparently I’m not very good at keeping secrets).

Here are some tips to start eating for energy:

  • Give your body the fuel it needs by eating breakfast and then eating consistent meals through the day. Carbs, fats, and proteins from healthy, quality foods truly do act as fuel for the body.
  • Listen to your body and honor your hunger and fullness. Deprivation of food can lead to dips in energy level not to mention may lead to overeating later.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet. We need certain micronutrients, b vitamins, iron, and magnesium for example, to convert food into energy. If you are low in these nutrients your body can’t affectively do its job in this realm.
  • Leave behind the quick pick me ups (sugary coffee and energy drinks for example). While they may give you an energy boost on the front end they often lead to residual energy crashes.

Your super fruit side kick,

Tara, MS, RDN