Winter is a great time of year to help out our little forest friends when natural food supplies are low. Winter is also a great time of year to have plenty of indoor craft ideas ready for the kiddos when subzero temperatures hit. Sooo that got me thinking, why not combine the two efforts and whip up some peanut butter pinecones! I’m certainly no bird expert, but I do know that they need nourishment just as we do. I also know peanut butter, fruit, and seeds are nourishing to birds just as they are to us humans.

DIRECTIONS Gather some pinecones, string, peanut butter, quality bird seed, Graceland fruit On a placemat (cuz this is gonna get messy ☺), have your littles spread a thick layer of the peanut butter all over the pinecones Next, have them cover the peanut butter with the bird seed and fruit Get bundled up and head out to hang them on some trees (ideally, trees you can see from your home so you can watch the birdies, and squirrels because you know they’re going to help themselves as well, enjoy the fruit of your labors!

Your super fruit sidekick, Tara Rybicki MS, RDN, CDE