Welcome to 2018! January is often filled with promises to do better, be better, and eat better in the new year. A quick scroll through your Facebook feed will probably reveal a lot of plans, hopes (and sometimes prayers!) about making positive life changes.

While it’s great to dream big—it’s also a smart to create “bite size” resolutions that you can easily achieve. Or as we like to say, “Add some low hanging (dried) fruit” to your list!

A recent article by CNN offers some practical and easy tips. 

5 (Attainable) New Year’s resolutions to add to your list: 
No. 1: Mindful eating
No. 2: Cook at home
No. 3: Meatless one day a week
No. 4: More fruits and veggies
No. 5: Water

Cooking at home is always a great way to be aware of exactly what you are eating, and lets you make tweaks to better nourish your body. Want to add more fruits and veggies? Try this “Triple Berry Coconut Oil Granola” recipe that features a trifecta of fruity taste with dried cranberries, blueberries, and cherries. You might also consider going meatless one day per week. Here’s a refreshing entrée salad you could add to your dinner rotation “Cranberry, Orange and Quinoa Salad.” Some restaurants are also joining the #MeatlessMonday movement and offering diners more meat-free options   

Whatever new habits you incorporate, remember that sometimes it’s great to think small!  Wishing you a healthy and “fruitful” new year.