Eating nourishing food is, of course, a key part of a healthy lifestyle. But have you ever thought about aligning your eating schedule with your circadian rhythm? Wait…what is circadian rhythm?? Think of this as a built in body clock involving your sleep/wake pattern. Eating and sleeping at the wrong time disrupts the circadian rhythm and may interfere with healthy metabolic function. Who knew!? Meal timing and adequate sleep are key factors to healthy living.

Here are some considerations to help align your eating pattern with your circadian rhythm:

1. Eat breakfast shortly after waking as to shift the body into wake mode.

2. Shortly after waking, consider natural light, fresh air, and/or some exercise as another method to re-inforce to your body and metabolism that it is time to wake.

3. Get adequate sleep - making good food choices, exercising, and coping with stress are all easier when you are well rested.

4. Consider no light at night: turn off the television and put away cell phone.

5. If you choose to have caffeine, consume it no later than mid-day.

6. Consider this moon milk recipe for a dietary source of melatonin (Montmorency tart cherry juice) to naturally assist sleep:


    5 oz unsweetened almond milk

    1 oz Montmorency tart cherry juice concentrate

    Optional: for a spiced milk add turmeric, cinnamon, ginger powder, and/or nutmeg per preference

    Mix ingredients, heat on stove top, and enjoy.

    7. Follow the same schedule on weekdays and weekends times; this is important as to re-inforce the circadian rhythm.

    8. Consider set meal times.

    9. Consume the majority of your days energy earlier in day when your body is more efficient at utilizing this energy.

    • Consider eating your largest meal mid-day.
    • Consider only light eating later in the day.

    10. Fast at night along with your sleeping period.

    • Consider a 12 hour fast, stopping eating in the evening, continue fasting while sleeping, and not eating until breakfast the next day.
    • Consider a set and consistent bed time and wake time.

    Sleep tight!

    Your super fruit sidekick,