Heads up! Teacher Appreciation Week is here! I try, in general, to do my best each day to show gratitude. In terms of the teachers in my young children’s life, it doesn’t feel possible to express how thankful I am. They have helped cultivate my girls in a way I could have never done on my own… helping them develop social skills, emotional intelligence, mindfulness and the list goes on. So, while these may not show the full extent of your gratitude, here are a few small things you can do to say thank you…

  • Get the kiddos involved – It’s a great idea to teach children from a young age to be grateful. Have your little one make something creative and special for their teachers. Have them include a note thanking them for all that they do each day.
  • Ask – Tell the teachers in your life that you would love to bring in some helpful items. Ask them what they may need in terms of classroom supplies and then fulfill that need.
  • Bring classroom snacks – Kids are constantly moving and need food to help fuel that movement as well as thrive mentally and grow physically. And sometimes, us busy parents forget to pack enough snacks leaving it up to the teacher to provide the snack. So ask your children’s teacher what snacks they would like you to bring to help stock the classroom. Graceland fruit single serving pouches are a great easy and healthy, option.
  • Simply say thank you – Somethings just letting important people in your life know how special they are means the most. Let them know how much they mean to you by thanking them for all they do.
  • Summer’s coming goodie bag – Teaching other young humans to be all they can be is important and challenging work that deserves a break. Why not provide a nice tote full of summer goodies (think flip flops, sunscreen, beach towels) to help them enjoy a bit of time off.

Special thank you to Pathways Preschool in Traverse City for helping me grow two wonderful, tiny girls. You all truly are amazing people <3


Your super fruit sidekick,

Tara MS, RDN