Meal planning not only helps us ensure we are getting a great variety of wholesome foods throughout the week. It can also banish boredom from eating the same old stuff each day. And, beyond that, when we plan ahead we feel a lot less stress and confusion. 

Here are some easy steps to get you started creating a weekly meal plan:

  1. Gather easy go-to recipes to help you create your meal plan 

  2. Use dinner themes to help you build your weekly dinners. For example, how fun, and easy to remember is Taco Tuesday!

  3. Write out or type up your meal plan for the week and let it inform your grocery shopping list (see example below).


Other tips to make life easier:

  1. Purchase a lunch box and water bottle to assist with pre-planning and packing of lunches

  2. Prepare extra and freeze for later

  3. Invest in kitchen tools that will help prepare healthy meals, for example a crockpot

  4. Choose items that don’t require much prep

  5. Eat fruits or vegetables with every meal and snack


Weekly Meal Planner/ Grocery List - EXAMPLE





Snack Options

Grocery List 

(look through home and add what is needed to grocery list)


Overnight oats

Avocado salad

Meatless Monday


Cottage cheese with fruit


Almond butter toast with banana

Tuna sandwich with veggies

Taco Tuesday

Kefir; Pepitas and dried cherries


Fruit and chia seed smoothie

Kale/walnut salad

Wacky Wednesday

Whole grain crackers and hummus; Jicama slices with salsa


Whole grain English muffin with pepita butter

Mediterranean salad 

Tofu Thursday

Edamame; Yogurt 


Fruit and flaxseed smoothie

Turkey sandwich with veggies

Fish Friday

Nuts with pomegranate; Apple


Whole grain pancakes

Lentil soup

Pizza day

Banana and peanut butter ice cream; Greek yogurt


Frittata muffins

Farro salad

 Around the World Sunday

Grapes and cheese cubes; Baked kale chips


Your super fruit sidekick,

Tara, MS, RDN