Pantries are undergoing a transformation – move over sweet and salty treats! With a little planning, it’s easy to stock your pantry with healthy superfoods. Our nutrition advisor, Tara Rybicki, shares her top picks for nutritious pantry staples. 

  1. Avocado oil: Cooking with low smoke point oils can create compounds that are damaging to the body. Avocado oil has an incredibly high smoke point, making it a great cooking oil. This fruit also contains monounsaturated fatty acids which reduces inflammation in the body.
  2. Beans and lentils: Not only are these one of the least expensive foods available, they are also one of the most nourishing foods. The benefits of consuming these every week are phenomenal, including weight management and cardio-protective benefits. Try this Red Quinoa and Lentil Pilaf from Food & Wine magazine.  
  3. Chia seeds: These little black seeds are packed with omega 3’s, nutrients, and fiber. Amazingly, almost all of the carbohydrates they contain are from fiber. This will result in less impact on blood sugar, less calories available for absorption, and, with this amount of fiber, you should feel fuller and eat less! We love this Chia Seed pudding recipe for breakfast from Wellness Mama!
  4. Chickpea pasta: With more fiber and protein than traditional pasta, this is a great option for filling your tummy up while eating less food…and it tastes great too!
  5. Dried cherries and cranberries: These goodies not only satiate that sweet craving, but they contain antioxidants. Antioxidants defend against free radical damage to cells and, in effect, may keep the body more vibrant and youthful. Try this super healthy salad with dried cherries.   
  6. Flaxseed (milled): Looking to keep your hunger level at bay…look no further! The fiber, protein combination in milled flaxseed may help control hunger levels and is easy to add to a number of foods. For example, try throwing a handful into a smoothie or on top of a salad. Kids love these flaxmeal bran muffins from Bob’s Red Mill.
  7. Pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin seeds or pepitas are an excellent source of magnesium. Adequate levels of magnesium are critical to many body processes, including blood pressure control and blood sugar regulation.
  8. Raw honey: This is of course a lovely, antioxidant rich sweetener, but did you know it’s also great to keep on hand as a natural cough suppressant!
  9. Turmeric: The curcumin contained in this yellow spice is a potent anti-inflammatory and offers antioxidant benefits.