This month, we’re sharing five holiday entertaining tips to help you create some extra special holiday cheer! And remember, a relaxed host is the best ingredient to get any party started. 

  1. Create a Signature Holiday Cocktail: Personalize your party by making a special cocktail that reflects your personality. For example, if you’re a chocolate lover, make a “Cocoa Lover’s Dream” by mixing raspberry liqueur and creme de cacao with hot chocolate, then top with fresh whipped cream and a fresh berry. Love the fall? Create a “Pumpkin Pie Martini.” More of a wine connoisseur? How about a sangria with a champagne twist? Serve your signature drinks in large serving bowls so guests can serve themselves. This helps you mingle more and manage less during the party. Source: HGTV
  2. Host a Pie Party: Seriously, who doesn’t love pie? A pie-themed party can be a wonderful way to take the “fancy” edge off the holidays. This is a great idea for a potluck party because it makes it easy for people to know exactly what they should bring. It’s also a nice ice-breaker for guests who don’t know each other, you can always talk about your favorite flavor.  Added bonus – pies can be sweet or savory! 
  3. Pass the Cheese Board: We’re a little obsessed with cheeseboards this year. You simply can’t go wrong by combining cheese, nuts, dried fruit, crackers, bread and spreads on a gorgeous wood platter. We had fun with this “Cheese Board Builder” by Castello Cheese to find out our perfect pairings.  Answer a few simple questions and voila, it creates a personalized board just for you. 
  4. Interactive Food Stations:  Say goodbye stuffy sit-down dinners and say hello adventure stations! Encourage your guests to “play with their food” and take them around the world by setting up a few global cuisine stations. A taste of Italy could include a customized gourmet pizza station, you can add some Vietnamese flavor with a Phở station or evoke a French patisserie with a cookie decorating station.
  5. Focus on what you love— outsource the rest: A great party starts with a happy (not stressed) host. That might mean devoting your time to one main course or a show-stopping dessert, and “outsourcing” the other dishes to guests or your local deli counter.

Happy entertaining, and please pass the cranberry bark!