A Taste of Thanksgiving

Nov 24, 2019 | Recipes

I simply love this holiday! A special time devoted to showing gratitude for our family, for our food, and for all the good in life. There is legit research that, time and time again, associates the act of showing gratitude with increased happiness. Savoring in the good of life is a beautiful thing and truly can conjure up the joy that lives within each of us.

For me the holiday is pretty stress-free as my sister in law is kind enough to host the meal. I simply roll on in with a dinner side dish and my family in tote. Luckily I came upon this A-MAZ-ING dish from Eating European because acorn squash stuffed with turkey, apples, and cranberries screamed “I’m your Thanksgiving side!” So let’s eat and not forget to take this day, and really every day, to give thanks! You’ll be HAPPY you did ☺

Your Super Fruit Sidekick, Tara Rybicki, MS, RDN, CDE

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