Dried Cranberries

Naturally Redder, Naturally Better

At Graceland Fruit, cranberries are the way nature makes them — naturally red — and you can see the difference.

The quality of Graceland's infused dried cranberries is evident in the dynamic natural color that starts with the highest quality cranberries and is maintained in the production process. Through patented and proprietary technologies, Graceland is able to control the infusion and drying process in a gentle manner, retaining the natural red cranberry color, flavor and quality of cranberries.

Graceland Fruit's infused dried cranberries come in whole, sliced, julienne sliced and bits, and are also available in organic and naturally sweetened options. Moist, with a soft texture and outstanding piece identity, cranberries add desirable fruit color, flavor and nutritional value to food products such as salads, muffins, cookies, breads, cereals and more. 

Whole Cranberries


Sliced Cranberries


Julienne Sliced Cranberries


Cranberry Bits


Organic Sliced Cranberries


Naturally Sweetened Cranberries